School Leadership


Matt Arshinkoff

School Director

Matt Arshinkoff has been in education since 2009. The first ten years of his educational career were spent in higher education as a collegiate football coach before transitioning to secondary education in 2019. Mr. Arshinkoff holds a bachelor’s degree in business management, a master’s degree in Special Education, and a second master’s degree in Sports Science and Coaching, all from the University of Akron.

Mr. Arshinkoff came to Oakmont in January of 2019 and spent the next two years as an intervention specialist at Towpath Trail High School-Main Campus. In the fall of 2022, Mr. Arshinkoff moved into the role of Career Tech Specialist at Towpath Trail High School-Main Campus where he focused on job placement and career tech education until he accepted the role of Director for Towpath Trail High School-Barberton Campus in April of 2022.